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Tools and Resources

To support you and your business on your food waste reduction journey, we’ve rounded up some of the best resources we thought might come in handy along the way.


Zero Waste Scotland – Reducing Food Waste in Your Organisation

Check out Zero Waste Scotland’s comprehensive and inspiring bank of food waste reduction resources, designed to make it easy and accessible for all businesses to tackle their food waste.

Inside you can find a wide variety of resources, including:

  • The Food Waste Challenge – use four simple steps to track your business’s food waste over the course of one month with this tool that makes sustainable change easy and exciting.
  • Reducing Food Waste in Your Business video - watch this quick video that sums up the big issue with food waste in Scotland and the role your business plays in it.
  • The Ultimate Guide – a comprehensive infographic for a deep dive on how food waste reduction can save your business money and help the environment.

Zero Waste Scotland – Circular Economy Business Support

The circular economy isn’t just about doing the right thing for the environment, it can also provide significant economic and social benefits for your food and drink business. Zero Waste Scotland’s Circular Economy Business Support service can help identify new and innovative ways of doing business which can lead to increased profit and customer loyalty, reduced waste, improved resource efficiency and greater sustainability.

WRAP – Love Food Hate Waste (Scotland)

WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste is the UK’s best known anti-food waste campaign, with advice, kitchen hacks, resources and loads more on their website. Their Scotland page has content specifically aligned with our government legislation and includes a recipe generator for the food you need to use up ASAP.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – The Food Initiative

Undoubtedly one of the leading voices in circular, zero-waste thinking, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation puts food waste into a global social and environmental context. It also highlights the important role cities play in rewriting our future food systems for a more sustainable way of life.

Plate up for Glasgow – Food Hero Dishes and Drinks Toolkit

Plate up for Glasgow was a pioneering food waste campaign that saw over 40 hospitality venues around Glasgow put low-waste dishes and drinks on their menu for the duration of the campaign. Venues used a variety of different waste reduction methods from our food hero toolkit, which provided a step-by-step guide on how to create their very own low-waste offering.

Low-Waste Hospitality Businesses In The UK And Beyond

To inspire you further on the possibilities for truly low waste kitchens in hospitality businesses, we’ve put together a list of the ultimate sustainable dining experiences. These restaurants serve innovative and delicious dishes, create little to no waste and design their menus using organic, local and seasonal produce.

Local Food-Focused Support Networks Your Business Can Join

Glasgow is a community minded city, committed to circularity and food waste reduction. Check out the organisations that strive to embody these key principles and the ways you can get involved in the work they do.