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Gordon Street Coffee

Coffee Shop and Roastery

Central Station, 79 Gordon St G1 3SQ

What’s it all about

Using Deirdre, their beloved – if somewhat temperamental! – coffee roaster, the Gordon St Coffee team hand roast small-batch, award-winning, fresh coffee in the dovecot of their roastery.

If you’re in town, why not sample one of their many blended or single origin coffees, including Weegie favourite, The Glasgow Roast.

No matter what espresso base you choose, if it tickles your taste buds you can also buy a bag of coffee beans in store or online to brew at home.

We are so excited to be involved in the Grounds for Recycling project. Used coffee grounds have so much potential and it’s a shame to see them go to waste. We’ve been looking for ways to put ours to good use for years now, so this has never been more timely! This project has so much to offer businesses, from the recycling of the used grounds and reducing our waste, to shining a light on how businesses can be more eco-conscious. All big wins in our book!

– Aimee McLean, Coffee Operations Manager, Gordon Street Coffee

Getting there by bike

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Central Station, 79 Gordon St G1 3SQ:

Where to park your bike:

You can find on street bike parking just outside on Gordon Street or inside Central Station.