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Café Gandolfi

All day restaurant

64 Albion Street, G11NY

What’s it all about

Glasgow institution Café Gandolfi celebrates its 42nd birthday this November. Since opening its doors, their desire to serve customers with the best quality food and experience has been underpinned by the ambition to ensure that as little food is wasted as possibleBuying local and seasonal produce from as many ‘sustainable’ suppliers as feasible, whilst treating the produce simply and sensitively, characterises all that they do. Their Tim Stead artisan furniture has also been made to last and mature over the years, and today this venue still oozes as much charm and style as it ever has done.

‘Everyone knows about global warming, and our philosophy at Café Gandolfi is to always strive to reduce and reuse as much waste as possible. The coffee grounds we generate in-house have the potential to be recycled into something that can help fight climate change, so we’d be daft not to simply recycle them by taking part in Grounds for Recycling.’

– Seamus MacInnes, Owner, Café Gandolfi  

Getting there by bike

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64 Albion Street, G11NY:

Where to park your bike:

You can find on street bike parking on Albion Street just outside the City Halls.