The Good Food For Glasgow Podcast on Grounds For Recycling

By Thalia Groucott, Good Food Movement Campaign Coordinator at Glasgow Food Policy Partnership

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The Good Food For Glasgow Podcast is a podcast by Glasgow Food Policy Partnership (GFPP) which tackles a different food issue or topic from a Glasgow-based perspective each month. As Glasgow Chamber of Commerce are one of the GFPP Partners and the Grounds For Recycling Campaign ties in so well with our mission around sustainable food, we really wanted to cover the campaign in an episode.

The episode includes interviews with Glasgow Chamber of Commerce’s Rebecca Ricketts, Sustainability Coordinator at SWG3 Hannah George, and Urb-it bicycle courier Ben Strachan. Together they give a sense of the practical logistics as well as the important reasons behind the campaign. We hope that listeners will be excited to go and get a coffee in one of the participating venues once they’ve heard the episode.

Listen at one of the links below:


Or learn more about Grounds for Recycling on The Good Food for Glasgow Podcast: