Revive Eco

The coffee grounds collectors turning waste into value, one body scrub at a time.


Who are they?

The Revive Eco team

Revive Eco is a Glasgow start up that was founded by friends Scott Kennedy & Fergus Moore in 2015. It’s a circular company that researches, develops, and produces sustainable cosmetic, food, and drink ingredients and products from used coffee grounds.

They’re currently in the process of launching a pilot collection service in the Glasgow area, which will allow hospitality venues to divert their used coffee grounds from landfill, directly to circular products.

How they did it

One of Revive Eco’s chemists getting down to business in the lab

Revive Eco has developed an innovative process to create a range of high value, circular ingredients from used coffee grounds. These ingredients can replace many of the unsustainable raw materials used in cosmetics and food and drink products including palm oil and its derivatives proving that environmentally harmful ingredients are not only undesirable, but unnecessary.

Used coffee grounds are dried, treated and processed into a coffee oil, which is used to create natural ingredients for cosmetic, food and drink products. Revive Eco has already created their own original body scrub, which also uses several of their coffee-derived ingredients including residual coffee grounds as an exfoliant. 

Coffee oil is nutrient dense, has anti-aging properties, fatty acids that can help to soothe acne prone skin, and caffeine that alleviates dark circles. It’s a skincare superfood that actively reduces the cosmetic industry’s impact on climate change instead of exacerbating it.

Circular takeaway

Through their circular business model, Revive Eco turns food waste into a sustainable resource. They do this by collecting coffee waste and using it to create a high-value, profitable alternative to environmentally harmful ingredients.

Revive Eco’s cycle, from coffee grounds to coffee product!


‘We know the value that coffee holds, for sustainable change and for business profit. Our mission is to use recycled coffee grounds to replace as much of the unsustainable ingredients in skincare, food, and drink as we can. Through this, we can show what’s possible by using circular thinking and good chemistry.’

– Scott Kennedy, Co-Founder, Revive Eco

Learn more

What to know more? Let Scott and Fergus tell you themselves.

Or, you can also check Revive Eco’s website here.