Grounds for Good

The Welsh business turning local coffee grounds into delicious drinks, beautiful products and more.

Grounds for Good

Who are they?

Grounds for Good was born during lockdown. Founder Dr. Rosie Oretti had just retired from the NHS after 30 years and was looking for a way to channel her creativity, use her scientific background for sustainable innovation, and give back to her community.

The answer? Collecting used coffee grounds from local Cardiff cafes and turning them into a range of products that showcase the value of coffee waste.

How they did it

Eager to support independent coffee shops by making sustainability easy, Grounds for Good set up a 24/7 coffee depository in the centre of Cardiff, where businesses can simply drop off their used coffee grounds.

When the depository is full, Grounds for Good collects what they need to make their products. Each design unlocks the power and natural properties of coffee grounds, ranging from delicious treats like boozy spirits and chocolate to unique homeware items and luxurious beauty products.

Any surplus grounds are taken from the depository to an anaerobic digestion facility, where they are used to generate energy that powers the plant and supports the Welsh National Grid.

Circular takeaway

The Grounds for Good coffee depository

Grounds for Good fights against food waste by establishing a circular and accessible system of repurposing used coffee grounds in their local area. They provide independent businesses with the means to recycle their coffee waste, which is then used to produce products that harness the natural benefits of coffee.

Not only that, but they generate renewable energy with any surplus coffee waste – a truly circular business model from start to finish and (back again)!


‘Right now, when money’s so tight, people are looking for sustainable products that offer something new and different. At Grounds for Good, we start from a point of innovative functionality – what can we do with coffee grounds that fully harness their natural properties? Through our research, development and collaboration with other local and sustainable businesses, we aim to provide the innovation people are looking for.’ 

– Dr. Rosie Oretti, Founder, Grounds for Good

Learn more

Want to know more? Let Rosie tell you herself!

Or, check out Grounds for Good’s website here.