A local brewery putting the delicious taste of repurposed coffee on the menu.


Who are they?

Drygate are a local brewery, brasserie and bar based in an iconic converted warehouse, representing Glasgow’s industrial heritage and forward-thinking future. Their on-site brewery produces a core range of beers beloved in pubs around the country, from their Disco Forklift Truck pale ale to their Kelvin pilsner, named after Glasgow’s second river!

They also brew smaller batches, giving them the chance to experiment with interesting flavours and ingredients. Some of these include beer made from hops grown in their back garden, foraged ingredients, waste bread, and even fresh coffee beans!

How they did it

Now, Drygate are turning their attention to used coffee grounds! They’re producing a specialty Grounds for Recycling coffee-flavoured beer using coffee grounds from their own espresso machine.

Drygate’s brewers assumed their espresso machine extracted most of the flavour from coffee grounds. But when they began experimenting, they found the grounds were not only full of flavour, but also delicious! The process is simple – they collect the used coffee grounds in a muslin bag, submerge them in a fermented batch of beer, and leave them to infuse for a day.

The final product is a flat white, cold brew inspired beer, with a sweet coffee aroma. Not only does this have the potential to save them money on buying new beans to make a coffee-flavoured beer, but it gives their on-site grounds a new life and an amazing tasting product!

Circular takeaway

A Drygate brewer in action

By collecting used coffee grounds from their bar and infusing a batch beer with them, Drygate makes the most of the grounds as a valuable flavouring ingredient, saving money and resources on buying in new ingredients.


The aim of the game is to make some good beer. If, while doing that, we find a way to both reuse our own resources and save money spent on raw materials, making use out of the coffee grounds we generate in-house, that’s even better.’

– Matt Corden, Managing Director, Drygate.

Learn more

Want to know more? Let Matt tell you himself!

Or, check out Drygate’s website here.