Dear Green Coffee

The local roasters creating a circular coffee culture city-wide.

Dear Green

Who are they?

The Dear Green team

Dear Green Coffee is a B-Corp certified roastery based in Glasgow’s East End. They supply a whole host of Glasgow’s cafes, restaurants and homes with their specialty grade, ethically sourced coffee beans. They also sell a wide variety of coffee brewing kits and experiences and offer education and training opportunities for baristas and coffee enthusiasts alike.

At the heart of their company is a commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Every part of the coffee supply chain, from coffee bean to by-product, is considered. They are partners with a variety of organisations such as World Coffee Research and Circular Glasgow. They also founded and annually run the Glasgow Coffee Festival – the first of its kind to be free of all single-use cups.

How they did it

Hessian sacks full of Dear Green’s 100% organic, B-Corp certified coffee beans

Dear Green follows a circular waste management strategy, which is available to read on their blog. Committed to zero-waste net-zero goals and the circular economy, Dear Green are always looking to find value in their traditional industry waste streams.

For example, they donate their coffee chaff to local allotments and community gardens, like The Wash House Garden, who use it as a nutritious fertiliser for growing organic fruit and veg. The produce grown at The Wash House Garden is then supplied to local restaurants like Mono – a venue that also serves Dear Green coffee. Talk about closing the circular loop!

Circular takeaway

Through their B-Corp, net-zero business goals and standards, Dear Green is committed to sustainability. From pioneering the widespread use of reusable cups, to teaming up with community gardens to create new value from coffee by-product, Dear Green reduces waste and seeks solutions in every step of the coffee production process.

Learn more

Want to know more? Let Lisa Lawson, founder of Dear Green Coffee, tell you herself!

Or, check out Dear Green’s website here.