Beauty Kitchen

The beauty brand using the power of coffee and collaboration to spark a sustainable revolution.

Beauty Kitchen

Who are they?

Founded by Jo Chidley in 2014, Beauty Kitchen is a B-Corp certified beauty company, dedicated to invoking sustainable change within the personal care industry. They create skincare products made from natural, organic and upcycled materials, including used coffee grounds through their Coffee Colab project.

As well as focusing on natural ingredients, Beauty Kitchen takes sustainability one step further, by piloting Reposit – a packaging service that supplies QR-coded reusable bottles to high street brands like Marks and Spencer. Customers who buy their products from these vendors are encouraged to return the bottles in-store. From there, they’re cleaned for reuse, again and again.

As if that wasn’t enough, Beauty Kitchen is also shaking up the coffee market, working on a project to replace single-use coffee cups in Glasgow by introducing a reusable, circular coffee-cup system.

How they did it

In the office with Beauty Kitchen – their Reposit bottles and Coffee Colab samples, next to their B-Corp certification!

Inspired by the challenge of how to showcase the value of waste, Jo reached out to businesses she knew were already using innovative ways to extract valuable ingredients from used coffee grounds.

From that, the Coffee Colab was born! Revive Eco supply the coffee oil emulsion, Kaffe Bueno supply coffee-derived active ingredients, and Arcania Apothecary manufacture the product using heat generated from coffee logs. Once the products are bottled in Beauty Kitchen’s reusable packaging, they’ll be ready to hit the shelves!

Circular takeaway

Beauty Kitchen products in Reposit bottles

Beauty Kitchen harnesses the value of waste and eradicates the single-use mentality so normalised in a linear economy.

They do this by creating products from upcycled organic materials, packaged in reusable containers. They also embrace the circular principle of collaboration by working openly and accessibly with sustainable partners.


‘Waste is just an ingredient we haven’t found a purpose for yet. I want to give people the confidence to know that if they look at every part of their business as their next innovation, there could be a time when we don’t even talk about waste because we know there’s a route to market. That’s what the circular economy is all about – working with other businesses to form symbiotic relationships, where you all benefit from the value you’re producing together.’

– Jo Chidley, Founder, Beauty Kitchen

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